• What is Mailfence for Business? With Mailfence for Business you get a customized version of the Mailfence secure and private email solution in order to adapt it to the specific security and usage needs of your organization or business. We adapt Mailfence to suit your needs and wishes in terms of graphic presentation, available tools, user profiles or security requirements. Mailfence for Business integrates with different authentication or SSO providers. Some of the customization and integration possibilities are listed below. Don’t hesitate to contact us with specific requests.

    Customization includes :
    • Your email domain names
    • Control panel and API to create, upgrade and manage your accounts
    • Graphical adaptation (logo, login page,…)
    • Storage and features based on your actual needs
    • Integration of external services
  • Where is Mailfence for Business hosted?
    • Cloud (our servers)
      Hosting the service on our servers allows for cost reduction in case of limited number of users. You benefit from a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees application availability. Mailfence for Business is hosted on the professional infrastructure in Belgium, offering the highest availability and security guarantees.
    • License (your servers)
      You host the application on your own servers and are responsible for its availability. This only makes sense in case you have more than 1000 users. Mailfence runs on Linux servers with a preference for the Debian flavour.
  • Authentication and provisioning Your business might already have a central authentication system for different services. Our Single Sign-On (SSO) procedure avoids requesting a second authentication. We also offer the possibility to integrate with your LDAP, Active Directory or CAS in order to automate the provisioning.
    Besides SSO, the API allows to automate following tasks:
    • Creation of accounts
    • Placing accounts in a group
    • Removing members from any group
    • Setting account subscription and expiration date
    • Delegating the management of passwords
    • Adding events to a personal or group calendar
    • etc.
  • API Mailfence for Business API allows for advanced management of users. Our API is based on XML-RPC. The Mailfence for Business API contains more than 50 commands and constantly evolves to meet our customers needs. Our API, and the XML-RPC protocol it relies on, are so easy to use that you can get started in one hour.
    • Create, edit, rename and delete accounts
    • Create, edit, rename and delete groups
    • Change account settings (layering, mail clients, etc.)
    • Create and delete data (contacts, events, documents)
    • Set-up a Single Sign-On (SSO) with your organization website, intranet or extranet
    • Send SMS
    • etc.
    Please contact us to get the latest specification. Customers in the Cloud model may use the Mailfence test server to check their scripts on an environment completely separated from production servers. Our technical staff can help you in debugging your scripts.
  • Manual accounts management In case automated provisioning may sound like an overkill, don’t worry ;-) Mailfence for Business also provides a control panel that allows you to manually create, modify and delete user’s accounts and groups. The control panel allows to perform the following actions :
    • Create accounts
    • Place accounts in groups
    • Search accounts
    • View used and available capacities
    • Rename email addresses
    • Set account subscription and expiration date
    • Manage passwords
    • Suspend accounts
    • Delete accounts
    • etc.